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How to use Elementor template kit

Do you want to use the Elementor template kit?

With the Elementor page builder you can easily create your website. There are two ways to create a page using Elementor. You can use any pre-built template and edit the content and images based on your website need. The other way is to create your website from scratch.

We have a separate article where you discuss the way to create a page from scratch using Elementor. You can check that article too if you want to create a page from scratch with your own design. If you have a proper design concept then you can create your page from scratch. But if you don’t have any coding knowledge and design concept then using a pre built template is the best solution for you. It is also a very fast way to make a page. You don’t need to spend more time to do it.

Here on this article we are going to discuss the Elementor template kit and show you how you can use Elementor template kit.

What is Elementor template kit?

An Elementor template is a set of templates with pre made design and functionality. It’s like a ready website with a concept based on an industry or business. The template kit has the same color scheme, same font and typography, button style. Other style elements are also based on the concept.  Elementor has a huge collection of template kits for every industry like ecommerce, law firm, agency, lifestyle blog and others.

You can choose any of the template kits based on your website purpose. It’s a great way to speed up your workflow.

Use Elementor Template kit

Elementor does not allow you to import bulk template options. You can not add template kits for the full website you need to add template kits for individual pages manually. To add template kits in a page go to the and open the page with Elementor. 

 Elementor template kit

Now you can click on the folder option to view the template kit library. Elementor template kit library will show up where you can search for your desired template.

 Elementor template kit

View the template and click on the insert text to implement the template in your page. It will import the full template on your page.

Now you can edit the content and images based on your website. To edit any element just click on the element and from the left dashboard.

Customize template kit

At first we need to realign the section by clicking on the 6 dot icon and you can drag and drop any section. You can select to replace the first section in another section just using drag and drop.

create landing page using Elementor in WordPress

If you want to delete any section just click on the X button. When you accidentally delete any selection you can restore it by clicking  clt+Z.

Editing the content of the section is also very easy. Just click any text where you want to edit.


Follow the same process to edit any image. Just click on any image you want to replace then from the left column choose your image and replace it.

If you want to change the background color, text color then just need to select the section and from the left column  press the style tab

You can change the typography, text color, text shadow, background color add border any some other style to your section.

From the advance tab you can add margin, padding, z-index, attributes for your section.

Step 5 : Add new content

To add new content just click on the “+” icon where you want to add your new content.

Elementor offers you many block to add in your new content. At first select the column and then click on the “+” icon to add you content. Based on the block you can see different options.

Step 6 : Save and publish

When everything is done check what you have done and then save your page or publish it. You can save as draft or save this page as template or publish the page.

From the advance option you can also add advance style fro the section. You can see this article to learn more about the advance settings option of Elementor.

We hope this article will help you to create your own landing page for your website. If you like this article please like our Facebook page to stay connected.

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