How to add beautiful image background in Elementor

How to add beautiful image background in Elementor

Are you trying to add a beautiful image background in Elementor?

Images are very important elements in a website. You can use an image on your website to showcase your event, portfolio, services and so many things. Adding an image is not the only task to make a website beautiful. You can style the images section in different ways to make it more attractive. The image background is one of them.

With the Elementor page builders, you can add impressive image background to make the section better. This will gives your users a good impression of your website. So here in this article, we are going to show you how to add a beautiful image background in Elementor and style the background to make the section more impressive.

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Add image background in Elementor

The image widgets are available for both the free and pro versions of Elementor. All the styles and features are also available in the free versions. So you don’t need to upgrade your Elementor to the pro version for that.

At first, open up a page with Elementor editor where you want to add the image. Then create e new section by clicking on the “+” icon and choose the column.

image background in Elementor

Now from the left dashboard drag the image widget and drop it into the section.

image background in Elementor

Add an image from the media library and then click on the style tab to style the section. Now right click of your mouse clicks on the navigator option. It will show you the navigator option to navigate easily.

image background in Elementor

Now from the navigator option select the column where the image is placed.

Go to the Style tab and then background to add a background color for normal and hover conditions. Use two different colors for two conditions.

Now from the navigator select the image and go to the advance tab. From the advance tab, we will set some image margins to make the background and image more beautiful.

image background in Elementor

Now move on to the style tab again and from the hover option select a hover animation effect.

That’s it now go to your website and see the action.

Wrapping up

With a beautiful image style, you can easily attract your users. Following this process, you can easily add an impressive image background.

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